Creating and Editing Groups in Enterprise

Groups allows for multiple users to collaborate on link management, ensuring that every user has the access they need, when they need it.

BLINK Enterprise users can create groups from within their account to share links between multiple users under the same account. This article will walk through the steps to create and edit a group, add collaborators to a group, set default groups, and add groups to a link.

Creating Groups

To create a group, start by logging in to BLINK.

Click on Groups in the left navigation.

Here, you'll see a list of groups that you have access to.

To create a new group, click on the New Group button on the right side of the page. This will open the New Group drawer on the right. In the Group tab of the New Group drawer, enter a name, an optional description, and select your domain. 


A group is limited to one domain. If you wish to have the same group for a different domain, you will need to create a separate group. 

Then click on the Members tab. Here, you may search for specific users on the account to add to your group. Type to search and then click on the user to add them to the group.

Once added, you may then select the group member's permission in the dropdown to the right of their name.

BLINK offers the following permissions for group members:

Group Owner
By default, the group owner is the user that created the group. Group ownership can be transferred to another user at any time.
Group Admin
Group admin allows the group member to view and manage the group settings. Group admins also have full edit access to links shared with a group.
Link Editor
Link editors have full access to view and manage links shared with a group, but cannot manage the group settings.
Link Viewer
Link viewers have view-only access to links shared within a group.

Once you have added your members, and granted permissions, navigate back to the Group settings tab and click Create to save.

Members added to the group will receive an email notification, and then can begin adding the group to new or existing links.

Editing Groups

To edit a group, start by logging in to BLINK.

From the left navigation, click on Groups. In the group list, search and then click on the group name. This will open the group details drawer.

Click on the ellipsis (or three dots) in the upper right and click Edit

From here you can edit group details such as name and description in the Group tab or make changes to the members and their group permissions from the Members tab.

Deleting Groups

To delete a group, start by logging in to BLINK. 

Click on Groups in the left navigation. Search and then click on the group name to open the Group Details drawer.

Click on the ellipsis (or three dots) and then click Delete

Deleting a group will not affect links. The links will then only be managed or viewed by their current owner or admins. 

To delete multiple groups, click on Groups in the left navigation. From the Groups page, click on the checkbox to the left of the groups you wish to delete, and then click the Delete button at the top of the table.

A pop-up will appear confirming the group deletion. Enter the number of groups you wish to delete and then click Delete. The group will be removed from the account immediately. 

Setting Default Groups

The default groups setting allows group members to automatically assign their links to a group when links are created.

To set up your default group, start by logging in to BLINK. 

Click on your name in the upper right and then click My Account.

On the My Account page, click on Domain Information. Click on the arrow next to the domain name to expand the settings.

In the Default Group(s) dropdown, select the groups that should automatically be added to your links. This setting will automatically be saved, and you may start creating links.

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