Editing Links in Enterprise

In BLINK, links are always editable.

Editing a single link

To edit a link, start by logging in to BLINK. 

Click Links in the left navigation. This will bring you to the links table. From here, you use the search and filtering options to find the link. Click on the link's row to open the Link Details drawer. 

In the drawer, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, and then click Edit Link

From here, you may update the long URL, owner, redirect type, or attributes for the link. Once you have made your changes, click Save.

Editing Links in Bulk from the Links Table

BLINK allows bulk editing from the Links Table for long URL, owner, and redirect type properties.

To edit these properties for multiple links, start by logging in to BLINK. Navigate to Links in the left navigation.

Use the search and filtering options to find the links you wish to edit. Click the checkbox to the left of the links, and then click the Edit button at the top of the table. 

Select the property you wish to edit in the dropdown. The field for the property will display below. Make your change and then click Save to apply the changes.

Editing Links in Bulk via Import

Bulk link edits can also be applied via import. To make updates to your links, start by using the filtering options on the Links page to return the links you wish to edit, and click the checkbox next to each link.

Then click the Export button at the top of the table to export the links to a file. 

Open the file in a spreadsheet editing software. Apply the changes to any columns you would like to update. Any property or attribute can be updated via import, but you must include either the BLINK ID, short URL, or keyword for your changes to take place.

Once your file is ready, download it as a .CSV file to your computer.

Navigate back to BLINK, and click on Links in the left navigation.

At the top of the table click Import

This will open the Import drawer on the right side of the page.

Drag and drop your file, or click to browse from your computer. Then click Import

Map the fields to the correct properties from your spreadsheet then click Preview to continue. 

From the preview page, make sure to check the box for Overwrite existing rows to ensure that you're updating the existing links.

Double check the values and check for any errors. Then click Import to start the import. 

Once the import has completed, you will receive an email and a notification in the bell icon at the top of your BLINK account.

Have more questions about editing links? Reach out to BLINK Support.

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