Transferring Links to Another User in BL.INK Enterprise

This article walks through the options and steps to transfer a link or a group of links to another existing user within the same BL.INK account.

BL.INK allows a few options for transferring links to another user. These options all require that both users already exist in the same BL.INK account.

If the user that the link(s) are being transferred to does not exist in the BL.INK account, please check out this article for information on adding a new user to the account.

Transferring a single link to another user

Links can be transferred to another user manually from within the BL.INK account. To transfer a single link to another account user, start by logging in to BL.INK.


A link transfer from the BL.INK account must be done by an account admin or account owner. If you do not see the option to select a different link owner, please contact your account owner to assist in transferring the link.

Click on Links in the left navigation. Search for the link by scrolling or using the filtering options.

Click on the link you wish to transfer.  A link details drawer will pop up on the right side of the page. To edit the links click the three dots in the upper right. Then click Edit Link

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This will open the Edit Link drawer. Scroll down on the link details and find the field called Owner. In the dropdown menu you can select the user you wish to transfer link ownership to. Then click Save to update your changes.

The link will be transferred immediately.

Transferring links in bulk

There are two options for transferring links in bulk. They can be transferred to another user directly from the Links table or with BLINK's import option.

Transferring links from the Links table

To transfer links from the Links table, click on Links in the left navigation. Click on the checkbox to the left of all of the links you wish to transfer. Then click on the Edit button at the top of the table.

This will open a pop-up where you may choose the property you would like to edit. Select Owner from the dropdown menu. 

The Owner field will then appear and you can select the new link owner from the dropdown.

To save your changes, click Save

Transferring links to another user with a CSV import

To transfer links to another user via CSV import, start by exporting the links you wish to transfer. To export the links, navigate to the Links page from the left navigation.

Sort and filter your links to return the links you wish to transfer, and then select the checkbox to the left of each link and click Export. Then click Export Links

This will generate a file to download from the bell icon in the upper left or from an email notification once the export completes. Download the file to your computer and open it in your spreadsheet software. 

In order for the import to complete properly, you will need either the BLINK ID, short URL, or keyword field on your new file. You may remove other rows if you prefer.

If there is not a column for Owner already, add a new column for Owner.

For each row, enter the email address of the new owner.


Note: The new link owner must be an existing user on the BL.INK account.

Once you have made your changes to the file, save it to your computer. If you are working in Excel, make sure to download the file as a .csv, and then follow the steps to import your file from the Import button in BL.INK. 

The links will be transferred to the new owner as soon as the import completes.

For more information on exporting links, click here. For more information on importing links, click here.

Deleting a User

When a user is removed from a BL.INK account, an admin may transfer the links to any other existing user on the BL.INK account.


Only account owners or admins can delete users from BL.INK. This is permanent and cannot be undone. Please use caution when deleting users from BL.INK.

To delete a user, navigate to Admin > Users in the left navigation. Click on the checkbox to the left of the user you wish to delete. Then click Delete at the top of the table.

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the number of users that you wish to delete and to designate a new link owner for their links.

Once you have entered the number and new link owner, click Delete. All links from the deleted user(s) will be transferred to the new link owner's account immediately.

Still have questions? Reach out to BLINK support.

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