Importing Links in Enterprise

BL.INK offers easy, self-service options for importing large volumes of links.

Importing Links to BL.INK

BL.INK will allow users to import a batch of links from a comma-separated file (.CSV). This is useful when migrating URLs from another URL shortening platform, when creating a large number of links at one time, or when making large-scale edits to an existing collection of links.

The file may be generated through a text editor, Excel, Google Sheets, or any software capable of creating a .CSV formatted file.

Prior to uploading the links, set up a comma-separated (.CSV) file. The only field required in the Enterprise import process is the Long URL. All other fields are optional by default.

Once you have saved your file to your computer, log in to BLINK.

Click on Links page from the left navigation. Here, you'll see a table view with all of your links. 

At the top of the table, click Import to add the links from your file.

This will open the Import drawer on the right side of the page.

You may drag and drop your file or click to upload the file from your computer. Then click Upload.

The next step is mapping your file fields.

On the Field Mapping page, BLINK will display all fields available on the BLINK account. You can then map the appropriate data to the fields from your file.

Once your fields are mapped correctly, click Preview to proceed. This will show a preview of your new links. At the top of the page, there are the following checkboxes:

File contains header row
Check this box if the file contains a header row to avoid a link being created for the first row of your file.
Show only invalid rows
Check this box if you wish to view any errors in your import file. You may correct any errors or inaccuracies directly from this view or remove the row from your import.
Overwrite existing rows
Use this option if you are updating existing links with new attribute values, link owners, long URLs, etc.

Once you have reviewed your file, click on Import to proceed with the import process.

The import process can take a while to complete depending on the size of the file and the activity in the import queue. When the links have been added or updated, we will notify you via email, and from the notification bell in the upper right corner of your BLINK account. 


Only batches of 10,000 links or less may be uploaded at a time.  To upload more than 10,000 links, please separate each batch of 10,000 into separate .CSV files or consider using our API.

Why is the import preview indicating that there are invalid rows?

If the row does not contain a long URL, the row is invalid. You must include a Long URL for the import to complete.

If the row contains a long URL, but the BLINK ID already exists it may be considered invalid. If you are attempting to overwrite or update an existing link, please click the Overwrite existing rows checkbox on the Preview window.

If an attribute contains a value that is spelled incorrectly or where the value does not exist, the row will be invalid.

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