Plan Limit Options

What happens when I run out of links on my selected plan?

BL.INK makes it easy to upgrade and downgrade at any time based on your organizational needs. BL.INK plans operate under the Active Link model. An Active Link is any redirect link within your account.

If you can manage it, the link is active. If you have exhausted the limits of your self-service plan, BL.INK will stop allowing the creation of new links once the limit is reached.


Enterprise plans have soft limits and are managed by the contractual agreement without fixed programmatic caps.


BL.INK sends out an email to the account owner when the total number of links in the account reaches 70% and a final notice at 90%.

Delete Links

There are three ways to delete links within your account.

    1.    Edit a link and click Delete Link

    2.    Set a Delete date (this may be done through the BL.INK interface or via API)

    3.    Submit a support request with the criteria for your deletion request (example: delete all links prior to MM/DD/YYYY)

For more information on deleting links, check out this article.


You may also choose to upgrade your account to a higher plan level in order to unlock a greater number of active links. Upgrades are managed through the BL.INK self-service interface and then the ability to create new links will open immediately.

For more information on upgrading the BL.INK plan, check out this article.

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