To change the owner of a BL.INK account, it may require a bit of a shuffle to get the account configured correctly.

Changing the Owner of an Account

Before getting started with changing the owner of an account, please note that if the new owner is a current user on the account, the user’s information needs to be updated under their current user. If the owner is not a current user, skip forward to the next step.

To update a user’s existing information to make the email address available as the new owner, start by logging in to BL.INK. Then click Admin > Users. Find the soon-to-be owner’s current account and click the Edit (pencil) icon to the right.

Temporarily change the user’s email to a different email address to free up the account to be used for the new owner. Click Update to save the changes. This can be updated again once the new owner has been added.

Tip: You may want to write down the login information for the temporary user so that you’re able to access the account and make updates to the user later.

In order to change the owner of the BL.INK account, make sure to log in to BL.INK, navigate to, and then click their name on the right side of the dashboard. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 3.24.27 PM

Next, click My Account. From the My Account page, update the First Name, Last Name and Email. To save, click Update.

Note: The new owner will own all of the links previously assigned to the old owner.

BL.INK will automatically log out of the account. If a temporary user was configured, log back into the temporary account, and click the name in the upper right and select My Account. From here, make any changes to the user’s account information. Click Update to save.

Note: When changing the email address on the account, BL.INK will automatically log out of the account upon saving. This is just to refresh the changes, and you’ll need to log in going forward with the new email address.

Account owners may also edit user account information, and the temporary user information can be edited from the Admin > Users page in the BL.INK admin.

If there are any issues, please let us know and we can help out behind the scenes. Please reach out to us at