Adding and Editing Users in BL.INK

The Admin section of the BL.INK platform is the hub for managing users and assigning the right level of access to each user.

Adding a User in BL.INK

To add a new user in BL.INK, select Admin from the left navigation, and click Users. Click Add User in the upper right. 

Fill in the following fields:

    •    User’s email address (this is what the user will use to log in)

    •    First Name

    •    Last Name

    •    Time Zone

At the bottom of the page, select the domains for which the user will have access to create links and analyze click data. 

Finally, in the upper right, choose how frequently the user should receive email reports (they can change this later) and their default redirect type. 


The redirect option is for SMB plans or higher. BL.INK's default redirect type is 307 Temporary. For more information on choosing the right redirect type, click here.

Click Save.

Once saved, the new user will receive an email to confirm their account and set their password to log in to BL.INK.

Editing a User’s Account Details in BL.INK

To edit a user’s account details, navigate to Admin and then select Users. This will show a list of all current users in the BL.INK account.

From here, users can lock or unlock an account by clicking on the lock icon. To give a user full account administrator permissions, click on the checkmark to the left of their name. Account admins have access to all admin functions across all domains on the account.


Adding admin access from this page gives a user full permissions on the account to edit account details, user information, etc. For more information on access levels, click here.

Clicking the user's name will allow an admin to edit details like the user’s email address, first and last name, time zone, password, assigned domains, email preferences, default redirect type, or to delete a user.

Access & Roles 

To manage permissions for the users in the BL.INK account, navigate to Admin on the left and select Users. All users will appear here. 

To edit the roles, click on the List icon in the Roles column on the far right. 

Select the appropriate access level for each domain on the account.

Make sure to save the changes by clicking the Update button at the top of the page. 

For more information on the different roles, and managing access levels for users, check out this article.


Only an admin (account owner, account admin, or domain admin) can update permissions for the other users on an account.


Check back regularly to make sure the user list and permissions settings still reflect the current team and access levels.

Can I share my BL.INK Stats With a Non-BL.INK User?

By design, our stats are private and secure, meaning users must log in to view them. Users may create a "read-only” account, however, they would then have access to view the stats for all of the links under a domain.

Our API may also be used to retrieve the stats. If you're in need of a regular reporting solution, contact us and we'll recommend the best option for your use case.

If you have any additional questions, please submit a ticket.

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