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What is BL.INK?


BL.INK allows you to create, manage, and track short links that click with your audience. Users have the option to create branded links and track click data using our built-in and private analytics.

Branded Links

BL.INK short links are more than just short URLs. When you use BL.INK, you are creating shortened branded links to promote specific content anchored to your brand. These links are more likely to get clicked since your audience trusts that the content is coming from you. You may also create and track branded QR codes, retrieve analytics, and trace traffic all in one unified platform.

Tracking and Analytics

Users have a few different options to quickly see which content is currently trending with their audience through BL.INK’s analytics. BL.INK analytics are private for all plans and users can easily dissect click data with our built-in filtering options. Depending on your plan, users can dig deeper with device, referrer, and location information.

API Information

We built our API to be open and ready to serve new ideas as fast as our brilliant customers can dream them up. Our API documentation can be found here.

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