Creating Link Views

Link views allow you to customize your views in your BLINK account. This allows for easy access to the data you need with just a click!

Link views enable users to customize how data is displayed within their accounts. You may tailor the arrangement and visibility of columns, choose specific data attributes for sorting, and add or remove information columns to suit your individual or team needs. 

This offers an extremely personalized experience, allowing admins and users to create and access a customized view that highlights the most relevant data for their needs with just a click. This level of customization not only enhances user efficiency by streamlining access to important data but also significantly improves the overall user experience by making data interaction more intuitive and aligned with personal preferences or professional requirements.

Create a Custom View

To create a custom view, start by logging in to BLINK.

From the left navigation click Links. From here, you will see a table view of all of the links created by you or shared with you. 

On this page, you may search for and filter your links. The search allows you to input a BLINK ID, keyword, long URL, or description.

The Filters option in the upper right allows you to filter based on specific link details or attributes. To apply a filter, start by clicking Filters. In the Columns dropdown, select a data point or attribute to filter by.

In the Operators dropdown, select from the options to drill down on specific data. The available Operators will be different depending on what attribute you are filtering by.

Then choose the value(s) you wish to apply to the filter. The link list will update automatically. Simply click out of the filter to view your links or click + Add filter to apply another attribute filter.

Once your filters are applied, you may then reorder the columns by dragging and dropping them in place. You may also use the Columns button to toggle columns on or off.

Once your Links table contains the date you want, click Save View at the top right of the table.

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm, and click Save as New.

The Save View drawer will appear on the right side of the screen. Enter a name for your new view and then select your Shared with option. 

Admin users may create public or private views. Private views are only available to the individual user, and public views are shared with the entire organization. A standard user may only create private views.

Click Save to save the new view. 

You'll be redirected to the table with the new View applied. 

To remove the view, click on the button to the left of the view name.

Applying Views to your Links Table

To apply a view to your links table, start by logging in to BLINK.

Click on Links in the left navigation. Here, you will see a table view of links. 

In the upper right of the table, click Views.

This will open the Views drawer on the right side of the page.

From here, you may edit or delete a view or click on the view to apply it to your links table. 

Deleting or Editing Views

To delete a view, simply click on the trash icon. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm. Click Delete once more to delete the view.

To edit a view, click on the pencil icon. From here, you may update the name or sharing settings and then click Save to apply the changes.

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