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Welcome, Sumolings! Be sure to check out our Welcome to BL.INK article for helpful resources in getting started with BL.INK. We’ve also compiled our video walkthroughs here to help new users get more familiar with our platform.

Below are some frequently asked questions about our offering with AppSumo.

What is included in the Base AppSumo plan?

The basic AppSumo deal will closely mirror our SMB plan. For more in-depth information on our plans and pricing, please check out this article.

For one code, users will be given lifetime access to a BL.INK account where they can create up to 25,000 links with up to 10,000 clicks per link. Users may create up to 5 users on the account with up to 15 custom domains. Users may add domains that are owned through another registrar or they may acquire new domains through BL.INK.

For one code, users may also create up to 100 dynamic links, create both branded and unbranded links, and have access to all BL.INK analytics data (including location, device, and referral information).

All AppSumo users will also have access to our API, iOS app, URL Campaign Builder, browser extensions, and third-party integrations.

Can AppSumo users upgrade to higher-tier plans?

AppSumo users may stack more codes for a boost in the number of links and dynamic links, clicks, users, and custom domains. The image below details what is included with extra codes.

How do I stack multiple codes?

Here's an article from AppSumo on combining your codes for the BL.INK offering

Codes may also be stacked from the BL.INK account. Click your name in the upper right, and click My Account. Then click Change Plan on the right. Add in the unused codes at the top of the page.

If you have more questions, please reach out to us!

What is the difference between the number of clicks and unlimited redirects?

Each plan has an associated click limit for the lifetime of each link. Once the limit is reached, the link will continue to redirect as long as it is active in the BL.INK account, but the clicks will stop being tracked in the analytics. For more information on click limits, check out this article.

What integrations are included with BL.INK out of the box?

BL.INK currently offers integrations with Zapier, Zoho, Pabbly, Integrately, Khoros, SocialBee, and Sprinklr. BL.INK also offers access to our API. For more information on our API, please check out our API documentation.

We’re always looking to add more integrations. If there’s a particular integration that is not offered on our Tools page in the dashboard, please feel free to add a request to our public roadmap -- we’re happy to explore expanding our available integrations.

Is SSL included for custom domains and the domain?

SSL is included for all domains in BL.INK. After a domain has been added to BL.INK and DNS has been updated, please allow up to 48 hours for the DNS to propagate and the SSL to be added. If, after 48 hours, the SSL has not applied to the domain, please reach out to us.

For more information on SSL for branded domains, check out this article.

What is the best way to organize groups of links?

Many of our users set up Tags to better organize their links. BL.INK offers the ability to filter and export links by Tag. Tags may be used to group links by social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), or campaign type (direct mail, television, flyers, etc). Many clients also use tags to differentiate between email type, client type (agencies can use tags to track data by client), language, location, or month/year.

For more information on creating, editing, and using Tags, please check out this article.

Does BL.INK offer a mobile app?

BL.INK currently offers an iOS app that allows users to create and manage their links from within the app. We do not offer an Android app at this time.

Does BL.INK support deep links?

BL.INK does support deep linking across all of our plans. For more information about deep linking with BL.INK, check out this article.

Does BL.INK support 2-Factor Authentication?

BL.INK offers login through Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. If one of these social platforms has 2-Factor Authentication enabled, it will carry over to the BL.INK login.

We do have plans to add native 2FA to our login page -- please check out our roadmap to stay up to date with new features being added to BL.INK!

Can I migrate to BL.INK from another URL shortening service?

BL.INK has two methods available for migrating short links from other platforms. While both methods are relatively simple, the most difficult step of the process can be obtaining an export of existing link data from the current platform. Some platforms make it easier than others, and the process is different for each. To read more about migrating to BL.INK, check out this article

Does BL.INK support QR codes?

BL.INK does offer QR code support, but it is not enabled in the account by default due to some legal concerns in the US. If you wish to have QR codes enabled, please submit a ticket to request activation -- we'll take care of it within a few clicks!

How does BL.INK compare to other link shortening platforms?

This ultimately depends on your needs and what features are important to your business. Our API is incredibly robust and has been traveled across millions of requests and our interface has been refined and streamlined to be easy to understand and avoid being overwhelming at first glance.

BL.INK has been in the market for over 12 years, is used by thousands of users every day with some of the biggest brands in the world, not to mention endless startups and entrepreneurs who need a reliable platform that is battle-tested, stable, and easy to use.

If you have specific use-cases or examples that you'd like to run by us, feel free to reach out to our team.

Can links be added in bulk?

Our import feature allows users to import links in batches up to 10,000 links. More information on our imports can be found here.

Do you support Facebook pixel?

We do have plans to implement Facebook pixel. Our roadmap can be found here.

On the subject of our roadmap, if you don't see a feature you'd like in our platform, please submit a request! We welcome your feedback.

Can I redirect the root domain that I set up in BL.INK?

Absolutely -- we offer the ability to set a home page redirect, which redirects the root domain to a page of your choosing. We also offer a custom 404 redirect setting.

I missed the webinar -- was it recorded?

Click here to access the recording for the webinar we did with AppSumo.

More questions? Please submit a ticket.

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