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Setting up BL.INK to use with Integrately

To set up an automation using BL.INK with Integrately, start by logging in to the Integrately account. From the Explore & Automate page, search for and select the apps you wish to connect. For one of these, make sure to choose BL.INK.

Then select your Automation. First, select an option from the column labeled When this happens. Then, select an option from the column labeled Do this.


Users may type in the search bar to search for an option, or choose from one of the default options listed in each column.

Then click Go >.

A pop-up will appear asking users if they wish to add more conditions or apps. If all the apps have been added, select Jump to Test & Go Live.

Here, click the button to Add Connection to the BL.INK account.

Fill in the fields for Instance*, Email, and Password.


Instance refers to the dashboard URL. For information on finding the dashboard URL, check out this article.

If you log in to BL.INK at, use app in this field.

Once the authentication information has been entered, click Continue.

After authenticating, it will redirect back to the automation. Select the domain by typing it in the field, or selecting from the list.

If setting up another new app, repeat the steps to authenticate. Then click Test & Go Live.

Be sure to check out the Integrately store page for more information and detailed use cases.

Still have questions? For support on authenticating your BL.INK account in Integrately, reach out to our support team. To contact Integrately support, please click the purple chat bubble in the lower right of the screen in the Integrately account.

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