Zapier Integration

Zapier allows users to connect a BL.INK account to over a thousand apps with endless possible combinations.

Zapier uses the API from hundreds of applications to talk to one another and automate both simple and complex tasks. 

Zapier connects to Slack, Google Docs, Email, Calendars, Hubspot, Evernote, and over a thousand other services. The interface is drag-and-drop so even the most elaborate workflows can be done in a few clicks without any programming experience.

BL.INK Use Cases

    •    Auto-publish every WordPress blog post to Twitter using a branded short link.

    •    Create a Google Sheet that is updated with every new branded short link and includes the number of clicks.

    •    Post a message to Slack every time a new short domain is added to the BL.INK account.

The possibilities are endless!

To get started, users will need the API key from BL.INK. To find the API key, start by logging in to the BL.INK account. Click your name in the upper right, and then click My Account. Scroll down, and the API key will be displayed on the bottom right.

Ready to get started?  Visit the BL.INK page at Zapier and create your first zap today!

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