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Release Notes: February 1, 2021

New & Improved

    1.    Added 3 new integration options to our Tools page: Pabbly Connect, Integrately, and Socialbee.

    2.    Published our revised pricing model and new Expert+ plan (slightly modified from our original Expert plan)

    3.    Enterprise: minor improvements and performance enhancements for our enterprise customers.

    4.    Improved our API documentation to better explain our standard rate limits and error codes.

    5.    Deployed a new email series for new accounts to provide introductory insights to BL.INK.

Bug Fixes

    1.    Added new entry type to Audit Logs to track edits on Access & Roles function.

    2.    Fixed a rogue error for Domain Admins when trying to delete a user under a managed domain.

Release Notes: January 25, 2021

New & Improved

    1.    Added the ability to query for a single domain via API rather than all domains in an account.

Bug Fixes

    1.    Multiple enterprise updates and provisioning.

    2.    Tweaks to domain name visibility on invoices.

Release Notes: January 19, 2021

New & Improved

    1.    Finalized the removal of all Smart Link domains.  All Smart Links are now archived in your account.  All analytics were preserved, but they will no longer redirect and cannot be edited.  Custom domains and the b.link domain are not impacted.

    2.    Back-end Improvements to speed up pagination for the List Domains endpoint.

Release Notes: January 18, 2021

New & Improved

    1.    Introduced a new has_ssl field to the List Domains endpoint to indicate if SSL has been enabled.

Bug Fixes

    1.    Adjustments to assist with pagination on List Domains for large sets of domain names and fixed a duplication issue on this endpoint.

Release Notes: January 15, 2021

New & Improved

    1.    SSL for B.LINK Domains - ALL domains at BL.INK now support SSL, even our default, b.link domain.  We previously provided free SSL certificates for all custom domains, but not for our b.link domain.  As of today, 100% of all domains at BL.INK will be covered with SSL without exception.

    2.    Enterprise - our API now supports overriding the 404-checker when creating a link via API.  When enabled, the link will be created even if it points to a destination returning a 404.

Bug Fixes

    1.    When specifying link type 307 or 301 via API, we were ignoring this and using the account default.  You have been heard and we will now listen properly.

Release Notes: January 8, 2021

New & Improved

    1.    Enterprise - enhanced Broken Link Report to allow managed support for internal-only domains to reduce the noise for private links.

    2.    GeoIP Updates - improved our GeoIP reporting to enhance geographic routing and presentation data.

Bug Fixes

    1.    Removed default legacy domains from Domain Download list

Release Notes: December 17, 2020

New & Improved

    1.    Domain Search & Download - a growing number of customers are beginning to leverage dozens, hundreds, or thousands of domains with BL.INK.  Sometimes this gets cumbersome to manage so we have introduced the ability to paginate through large numbers of domains and download a list of domains (including create, renewal, autorenew status, etc.).  Coming soon - search!

    2.    Link Deletion - our delete queue received a power-up and now scheduled link deletion is lightning fast.

    3.    Stat Processing - the click stat processing system was overhauled in a major way and the delays in processing analytics have dropped tremendously across the board.

    4.    Specify Keyword Length via API - now when requesting a randomized keyword via API for your links, you can specify how many characters you wish to be used in the response.  You may specify as little as 1 or as many as 40 (custom for enterprise users).  Check our API documentation for more information.

    5.    Special Character Support - although special characters such as ñ are not officially supported web characters, some browsers and sites have made exceptions to support them.  Given our global audience and desire for the best presentation, we have started with ñ and Ñ - with more to come.  If you have a list of needed special characters, we're listening!

Bug Fixes

    •    Dashboard tweaks where the All Users was the default rather than just for the individual user.

    •    Corrected our domain search where aftermarket domains were being displayed when they should be omitted.

    •    Updates to our email templates to improve some links and images

Release Notes: December 8, 2020

New & Improved

    1.    Quick Stats - easily jump to the individual link stat page of any link in your account by adding a /m to the end of the links.  Ex: if your link is b.link/example you can jump to the stats page by going to b.link/example/m (authentication is required to access the stats - they are not public)

    2.    404 Page Specification - the ability to specify the 404 page has been available for some time via API, but you may now specify it in your browser.  Visit Root Pages in your account to specify the 404 and Home page options.

    3.    General back-end optimizations on some key daily processes.

Bug Fixes

    1.    If you deleted an account and specified a user to inherit the links, in some situations links could be orphaned without an owner.  No more orphan links.

    2.    Fixed a bug in our v3 API for link counts to improve the proper response with certain variables.

    3.    Updated response codes for new API endpoints we will be introducing to the public soon.

    4.    Corrected an issue where timezones were not consistent in API responses.

Release Notes: December 4, 2020

New & Improved

    1.    Deleted Link Logic - the UI now shows when a link is queued for deletion with the option to undo if necessary.  The link redirect logic now respects the delete_on date even if it has not yet been deleted from the account.

    2.    Introduced a new My Domains nav to our Enterprise sites to add more visibility to domain options.  It was always there, but not as obvious.  You can't miss it now.

    3.    Added the Total Click Count to our dashboards so you don't have to do as much math on the fly.  This now matches the individual link analytics page.

    4.    Changed the focus of the cursor so it stays put when the keyword is automatically generated.  The jumping around made some people jumpy.  It's less jumpy now.  Actually, zero jumpy.

    5.    When you duplicate a link, we no longer add "copy" to the end of the keyword.  We just randomly create a new one.  For most people, this is easier and saves a step.  Customer feedback rocks!

    6.    Raw click download files were simplified to avoid confusion.  If you're still confused, please reach out to us.  We're here to help.

Bug Fixes

    1.    Tweaked some API logic to fix a bug when requesting specific device information.

    2.    Made some modifications during the API authentication to speed things up a bit.

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