Depending on the type of account a user has with BL.INK or how the account was set up, the process for logging in can vary.

Logging in to BL.INK from a browser

To log in to BL.INK from a browser, type in to the browser and hit enter. This will load the BL.INK homepage. Click Login in the upper right corner. 

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If this is the first time logging in to BL.INK from this browser or device, the user will be directed to a screen asking for the dashboard URL. The dashboard URL shows in the address bar when a user is logged in to the account with BL.INK.

Having trouble remembering the dashboard URL? Check out this article.

Once the dashboard URL has been entered, click Submit. On the login page, enter the BL.INK credentials.

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Here, enter the email and password and click Log in, or log in using Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn (depending on how the account was initially set up). To request a password reset email, click Forgot your password?.

Logging in to the BL.INK iOS app

Once the app has downloaded from the App Store, tap the BL.INK icon to open the app. 

If this is the first time logging in to the iOS app, a prompt will appear to enter the dashboard URL. For more information on finding the dashboard URL, check out this article.

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Enter the email address and password and tap Sign In, or sign in using Facebook, Google or Linked In (depending on how the account was initially set up). 

Having trouble logging in to BL.INK? Send us an email at