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BL.INK's self-service plans have click limits for each plan level. There are several options when these limits are reached.

Enterprise plans do not have per-link click limits, however, all of our self-service plans have a per-link click limit that is based on the tier of service. This article outlines what happens when these limits are reached and the options available.


BL.INK will send two emails to the account owner when a click limit is approaching. The first email is sent when the limit crosses the 70% marker. The second (and final) notification is sent at the 90% marker.

Option 1: Do Nothing

Once the click limit is reached, BL.INK will stop counting future clicks, however, BL.INK will continue to redirect all clicks that are received. If there are 100,000 clicks on a link, we'll redirect every one of them. 

Once the limit is reached and the link is flagged as exceeding the limit, BL.INK no longer tracks, processes, or stores any click analytics. If a user chooses to upgrade to a higher plan at a later time, the click metrics that occur between the time the threshold is reached and the time of the upgrade are lost and cannot be recovered. If a user upgrades, the tracking begins as soon as the account plan is updated to a higher limit.

Option 2: Reset Clicks

If a link has exceeded the click limit, users may also choose to reset the clicks back to zero and start over. When clicks are reset, all historical metrics and click history are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. For detailed instructions and more information, check out this article.


This option is not available for the shared domain on our Free plan. To reset the clicks for a link created with the domain, you will need to upgrade your plan.

Option 3: Upgrade

Users may also choose to upgrade to a higher-level plan that includes more clicks per link. All links in an account will receive the new click limit as soon as the upgrade has taken place. Any links that had suspended click counts will resume from the time of the upgrade. Any clicks that happened between the time the link was maxed out until the upgrade point will be lost.

Option 4: Wildcard Links

BL.INK has a unique feature called Wildcard Links. Links with a wildcard token will track an unlimited number of clicks for the life of the link. If a link receives 100,000 clicks (or more), BL.INK will track them all and include them in the full metrics. 

This is very handy for links that have a significant number of clicks far in excess of an account's typical links. Some examples are app download, support, contact, and form links that may receive a much larger number due to their re-use versus a typical link that is shared to a standard audience. 

Wildcard tokens are not transferable and are valid only for the link where they are applied. Wildcard tokens are purchased in bundles of 10 and can be applied at any time. For more information or pricing for wildcard links, please contact our support team.

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