Deleting Links

Bl.INK offers a few different ways to delete links from your BL.INK dashboard.

There are four methods for deleting links from BL.INK:

    1.    Individually

    2.    In Bulk (up to 20 per page)

    3.    In Bulk (up to 5,000 at a time through our import process)

    4.    In Bulk through our API

Users can delete a single link individually or bulk-delete up to 20 links at once from the BL.INK dashboard.


Take care when deleting links -- deletion is not reversible! When a link is deleted from BL.INK, either through individual or bulk selection, all click data and link history are gone forever. There is no undo or recovery option available. Please use caution when deleting links.

Deleting an Individual Link

To delete a single link, click Links > My Links in the menu on the left side of the dashboard.

Locate the link to delete in the list of links. Click the edit (pencil) icon to the right of the link.

On the Edit Link page, navigate toward the bottom right side of the page and click Delete Link

A pop-up will appear to confirm. Click OK.

Bulk Delete (20 Per Page)

To bulk-delete a group of links, navigate to click Links > My Links in the menu on the left side of the dashboard.

When the list of links displays, select the links to delete by either clicking the square radial buttons to the left of the links or scrolling to the bottom of the list of links and clicking the square radial button to select ALL links on that page.

Scroll down toward the bottom of the page to locate and click the Bulk Actions drop-down and select delete. Then click Apply

A pop-up will appear to confirm. Click OK.

Bulk Delete (via Import File)

Our bulk import functionality will allow for the deletion of up to 5,000 links per import file using the Delete Date option (Column D) in the import file. For more information on how to import links, click here

To delete links using this method, start by creating a .CSV file with all the links to delete from BL.INK. An easy way to do this is to Export the link data from BL.INK in an Import file. For more information on exporting links in BL.INK, click here.

Make sure to follow the format outlined below:

Import format


Only column A is required. When deleting links, make sure to enter the delete date in Column D.

Column A (required)Column B 
Column C 
Column D
Column E 
Column F 
Column G 
Long URL (link destination)Keyword*DescriptionAuto-Delete Date*Auto-Archive Date*Link Owner Email*Redirect Type (301 or 307)*

Format: YYYY-MM-DD
Format: YYYY-MM-DD

To delete the links immediately, enter today’s date (or a date in the past) under Column D for each link to be deleted. Please make sure to follow the format YYYY-MM-DD

Once the import file is ready to go, log in to the BL.INK dashboard. Then navigate to Links > Import

Upload the .CSV file, and check the box for Overwrite existing links, then click Import Links in the upper right. The import file will upload, and the links will start deleting from the BL.INK dashboard. This may take some time depending on the number of links being deleted.

Bulk Delete (via API)

Our API also supports the delete_date function and may be used to delete an existing link or group of links.  The API may be used to set the delete date on an existing link or the value may be set when the link is initially created.  For more information, please reference our API documentation.


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