Branded Links vs. Unbranded Links

Both branded links and unbranded links can be used for creating short links – but when should you use one over the other?

Branded Links

Branded domains help to showcase your brand. These are some examples of branded domains:


To create branded links, you can purchase or add a domain specifically for your links, such as,,, etc.

Using branded short links helps to build brand awareness and recognition; your links signal that the content you’re sharing is from your brand. Knowing what destination is in store makes your audience more likely to trust the content, which is one of the reasons they’re more likely to click and share.

A recent study showed that users were 75% more likely to share a custom-branded link. But even when users don’t click on your link, you’ve still delivered a valuable, memorable brand impression with your custom short link to anyone and everyone that sees it – a powerful means to generate brand awareness.

Branded links are a great way to promote specific content that’s anchored to your brand. For example, you could run a promotion using a compelling link such as Even if users do not click the link, the link itself delivers a valuable brand impression that conveys your marketing message.

Another most-loved feature of branded links is the ability to swap the destination page to accommodate changes in your promotions. This is especially useful in offline or printed material such as ads, billboards, flyers, or pamphlets, where you can repurpose your short link and also avoid doing a new print run, once a promotion or other time-sensitive content is completed.

Unbranded Links

Unbranded links use the domain by default, so they’re easy to make on the fly without purchasing a new domain.

All you have to do is paste your long URL into the field and then choose your keyword.

How do I choose?

The best time to make this decision is during the planning phase of your campaign or marketing initiative.

Use unbranded links when:

    •    When you first create your BL.INK account during your trial period

    •    As a test to determine if BL.INK is a good fit for you

    •    If the short link you are creating should not be associated in any way with your brand

    •    As a temporary solution while you are researching the best domain name to use for your brand

Use branded links when:

    •    You want to gain brand impressions and convey important messages or calls to action

    •    The content is your own to promote

    •    You are running a link campaign

    •    You wish to promote brand visibility, trust, and confidence in your short links

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