BL.INK offers SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for branded domains pointing to or acquired through BL.INK and for the unbranded domain.

SSL for Domain

BL.INK now offers SSL for the domain. The SSL has been added for all users, so links created with the domain will use https.  

SSL for Branded Domains

When configuring a domain that is already owned or acquiring a new domain to use with BL.INK, SSL is automatically configured and usually updated within one hour of DNS propagation to BL.INK. If your SSL certificate has not been applied, please ensure enough time has been allowed for our systems to update. You may also verify your DNS is propagated using this service. 

If the domain was acquired through another registrar, DNS will need to be updated to point to BL.INK before the SSL is added. Check out this article for how to configure DNS to use the domain with BL.INK. Once the DNS has been pointed to BL.INK, the SSL will be added automatically within 24 hours (usually within one or two hours).

If the domain was registered through BL.INK, the SSL will be added automatically, and no additional steps need to be taken after the domain is added to the account. It can take up to 24 hours for the SSL to apply to the domain (usually within one or two hours).

Note: BL.INK does not offer SSL for the shared domain. SSL is only applied to branded domains at this time. 

SSL has not yet applied to my domain

If the domain is registered through another company, make sure the DNS is correctly pointing to BL.INK. Users can check the DNS settings with the domain registrar or with a DNS-checker tool.  BL.INK cannot begin the SSL certification process until DNS has been pointed to our platform and DNS servers are propagated.

As covered in this article, if using the root of the domain, the A Record needs to point to the BL.INK IP address,, and the hostname should be @

Note: If the BL.INK account was added through, the IP address should point to If you have a custom enterprise account, your DNS information will be different and the details will be shared by your Client Success Manager during the account provisioning process.

If a subdomain is being used with your BL.INK account, make sure the CNAME record is configured correctly. The CNAME record should point to and the hostname should be whatever prefaces the domain.

For example, if the subdomain is “”, links would be the hostname, and it would point to

Note: If the BL.INK account was added through, the CNAME record should point to For settings for Enterprise customers, please reach out to your CSM. 

If it’s been more than 24 hours, and the SSL has still not applied to the domain and the DNS settings have been configured correctly, please reach out to us at