BL.INK offers a free trial for the first 21 days of service. This allows users to test the BL.INK platform to make sure it’s the right fit.

BL.INK’s free trial offers select features included in our paid plans, like the ability to edit the destination URL, try out our link masking, more robust analytics, and more.

After registration, users will have 21 days to use a feature-rich version of BL.INK without being charged. Users can add a credit card at any time during the trial period, however, billing will not occur until day 22. If users choose not to add a credit card to the account, the account will be downgraded to the Free plan. 

For more information on upgrading your plan, click here.

If a credit card is added to purchase a domain but a subscription plan is not purchased, the account will still be downgraded to the Free plan after the initial trial period. BL.INK will send a reminder email to notify users when the trial period is coming to an end.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us at