BLINK Enterprise Release Notes

May 17, 2024


Integrated Link and QR Code Templates

  • Admin users can now connect a QR template with a link template. This new feature allows admins to set a default QR template for any links created with the link template.
  • Users can quickly and seamlessly download the correct branded QR code for their marketing campaigns, ensuring consistency and compliance with branding guidelines.

May 2, 2024


Bulk Assignment of Links to Groups

  • To streamline the process of link collaboration, we have enhanced the Groups feature by enabling bulk assignment capabilities. Users can now select multiple links from the Links page and assign them to one or more groups simultaneously. This improvement saves time and simplifies the workflow for managing link access and collaboration within groups.

Expanded API Access Token Availability

  • In our ongoing efforts to enhance user accessibility to BLINK’s API, we now provide an API access token to all users on their My Account page. This update extends the ability to connect with our API to all user levels, previously restricted to only domain admins and account admins, enabling more robust integration options for all of our users.

Bug Fixes

Search and Filtering for Link Admins

  • We've resolved an issue that prevented Link Admins from using custom search and filtering options on the Links table. With this update, all functionality has been restored, and Link Admins can now effectively utilize the search and custom filters to manage links more efficiently.

Apr 26, 2024


Destination Preview Field Enhancement 

  • Changed the field previously known as Full URL to Destination Preview to provide a clearer user experience.

  • Updated the tooltip to provide even more clarity on the purpose and function of the field.

  • Adjusted the appearance in the Link Edit and Link Create drawers to signify that this field is not editable, ensuring customers understand its purpose.

Destination Preview Image Enhancement

  • We've optimized the display of destination preview images in the Link Details drawer.

  • Previously, the preview image occupied considerable space, potentially obscuring important link information. We have reduced the size and spacing around the preview image to prioritize the display of crucial link details.

Optimized Link Details Drawer

  • We've enhanced the layout of the Link Details drawer to prioritize important information and improve usability.

  • Minimized padding and whitespace to streamline the presentation of relevant information, making it easier for customers to locate the details they need.

  • Moved the short URL closer to the top of the drawer for improved visibility, ensuring users can quickly access this essential information.

  • Reduced the size of the Engagement banner to create more space for other critical details, enhancing the overall balance and readability of the drawer.

  • Added an edit button to the top right corner of the drawer, enabling customers to take quick actions with ease, enhancing the efficiency of link management tasks.

Field Changes and Tooltip Updates

  • Short URL Tooltip Update

    • Updated the tooltip for the short URL field to "Customize your short link keyword," providing clearer guidance to customers.

  • Long URL Field Renamed

    • Renamed the "Long URL" field to "Destination URL," aligning terminology with industry standards and enhancing clarity.

  • Destination Preview Tooltip Update

    • Updated the tooltip for the Destination Preview field to "Shows a preview of the final destination URL with all attributes applied," ensuring customers understand its purpose.

  • Redirect Types Renamed

    • "Redirect Types" has been renamed to "Redirect Type.”

Updated Sample Excel Import Files

  • The Excel file format has been updated from .xls to .xlsx to ensure better compatibility with current versions of Microsoft Excel.

Added Pagination for User Access and Roles

  • We have introduced pagination functionality when updating a user's access and roles in BLINK. Customers with large numbers of domains can now navigate seamlessly between pages, eliminating the need for endless scrolling.

Bug Fixes

Visibility Fix for Owner Column in Links Tables

  • Previously, standard users were unable to see the Owner column on the Links tables in BLINK.

  • We have resolved this issue, ensuring that all users can now view and filter by the Link Owner column.

  • While standard users can only see their own links, the Link Owner field remains visible to all users, providing valuable information for better link management.

Mar 28, 2024


Enhanced Attribute Ordering in Link Templates

  • Users can now explicitly set the order of attributes in a link template. This change grants greater control over the ordering of custom attributes during link creation.

Trusted Destinations for E-Link

  • Account admins can now designate specific URLs or domains as Trusted Destinations for E-Link. This ensures that only links leading to these approved destinations can be created, adding an extra layer of security and trustworthiness to the E-Link page.

Import Attribute Values from CSV

  • The import streamlines the process of populating picklist and checkbox attributes. This enhancement is designed to significantly reduce the time and effort involved in manually entering custom values for attributes, thereby improving efficiency and usability for our users.

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