Creating and Publishing to PowerPages

This article will walk through how to create a PowerPage, how to manage a PowerPage, and how to publish a block to a PowerPage. 

PowerPages allow you to create a single branded short link for your social media profiles that contains image blocks for links to related content, websites, promotions, and more.  social media sites often limit an account to one link for their bio or website link. PowerPages can host unlimited images and associated link in a seamless, branded collection for easy navigation and interaction.

A PowerPage will look something like:

Click this link to view a demo of a PowerPage.


PowerPages is available to BLINK Enterprise users. For more information on our Enterprise plan and features, click here.

Creating a new PowerPage

PowerPages can be created by account administrators, account owners, and domain administrators. To create a new PowerPage, start by logging in to your BLINK account.

In the left navigation, click Admin > PowerPages.

In the Name field, enter the name of your new page. In the keyword field, enter the short link keyword for your new page. Then add an optional note or description. 

In the screenshot below, we're using the domain. In the Name field, we've entered Test PowerPage. In the keyword field, we have entered testing. This means that the new PowerPage short link will be

Once you have entered the name, keyword, and description, click the Add PowerPage button to the right. 

This will open a new page where you may select additional options. 

Choose your background and text colors, upload your logo or a header image. Then enter any header and footer text. Once you have made your selections, click Update


Make sure to save your selections at the top of the page before adding your social icons.

The changes will save and then you may scroll to the bottom of the page to add your social icon links.

To add a social icon, click on the Select social platform drop-down, and select a social media site. To the right, add the link to your social profile and then click Add Social Link to add it to your PowerPage. Repeat these steps for each of your social icons. 

Below the social links, you may select users from the account to add as publishers to the new PowerPage. Click on the Select a publisher for blocks drop-down menu and click on the user for whom you would like to grant publishing permission. Then click + Add Publisher. Repeat these steps for each publisher.

Once you have added your social media links and your publishers, your PowerPage is ready to view. Click PowerPages in the left navigation to view all of your PowerPages. To view the PowerPage, click on the keyword in the list.

Editing an existing PowerPage

To edit an existing PowerPage, start by logging in to your BLINK account. Click on Admin > PowerPages

This page will display a list of PowerPages. Click on the pencil icon to the right to edit.

This will open the Edit PowerPage page. From here, you may manage your background color, text color, header, footer, social media sites, and publishers.

Publishing a block to your PowerPage

In order to publish a block to a PowerPage, you must be added as a Publisher. Please check with your account admin or your customer success manager for more information.

Each block on a PowerPage uses a branded short link to redirect any clicks to the block. 

To publish a block to a PowerPage, you may either create a new link or edit an existing link. On the right side, toward the bottom, you'll see a section for the PowerPage block:

Select the PowerPage from the Select PowerPage drop-down.

You may enter a Publish Date and Retire Date if you choose. A Publish Date allows you to schedule the block to be published in the future. A Retire Date will automatically remove the block from the PowerPage on a set date. If you do not select a Publish Date, the block will be published immediately upon saving.

Then, add your Headline. This text will appear when a user hovers over the image with their mouse.

Lastly, choose the file for your image. Click the Choose File button and select the image from your computer.

Then click Save or Update in the upper right to save your changes and publish the block.

Have more questions? Reach out to BLINK Support.

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