Failed Billing Attempts and Billing Errors

BL.INK understands that life happens - and if your payment method fails, we will not delete your account or your links.

Failed Billing Attempts

If we are unable to bill the BL.INK account using the credit card on file, we will attempt to resolve this issue by contacting the user via email twice. If there is no response after the two emails, the account will be automatically downgraded. 

Existing links will continue to work, but the platform will not continue to track analytics information going forward if there is no payment. 

It’s easy to update the account’s payment information. Follow the steps in this article to update the payment information.


Billing information must be updated by the account owner.

Once the billing and payment information has been updated, users will need to manually upgrade the account. For instructions on upgrading the BL.INK account, please click here

After the account has been upgraded, the Analytics will begin collecting data again, and link limits will be restored.

Billing Errors

If there is a charge from BL.INK on your credit card, you or your company are most likely using BL.INK. If you believe you may have been charged in error, please submit a ticket and include the following information:

    •    Amount of the charge

    •    Last 4 digits of the credit card (please do not send the full number)

    •    Date of the charge

    •    Last name on the credit card

We will respond as soon as possible with additional information.

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