Creating Custom QR Code Templates with BLINK

QR Templates allow Enterprise admin users to create QR code templates for the entire organization. Create templates with custom colors, shapes, and logos for every brand and campaign.


QR Templates are available for Enterprise plans as an add-on module. For more information about enabling QR templates, please reach out to BLINK Support.

Creating a New QR Code Template

To create a new QR code template, start by logging in to BLINK.

In the left navigation, click Admin > QR Templates.


A user must be an account admin or domain admin to create and edit QR code templates.

At the top right of the QR Templates page, click Create QR Template.

A drawer will open to the right where you can customize your new QR code template.


Enter the Template Name

Then, set the domain(s) for which you would like to activate the QR template. By adding the template to a domain, the template will be available to all users who have access to this domain. 

Click on the drop-down, select the domain(s), or assign the QR template to all domains.

QR Template Customization Options

Once you have entered the QR Template Name and applicable domains, you may customize the template size, colors, shapes, and logos.

Click on the section you wish to customize to expand the settings.

BLINK QR size defaults to 1000 x 1000. Since QR codes are squares, the size must be the same in both the height and width settings.

From the Colors & Shapes section, you can customize the default colors and shapes of the background, inner eye, outer eye, and body of the QR code.

To change the default colors, click on the color swatch to the right of the field.

Select the color type at the bottom of the color picker. BLINK offers RGB, HSL, and HEX color types.



Use the eyedropper tool to select a color from another file, website, or resource.

Once you have selected your QR colors, then select the shapes for the inner eye, outer eye, and body of the QR code.

From the image dropdown, you may select a logo or image to place in the center of your QR template.

You may drag and drop a file in the box, or click to browse files from your computer.

The Remove background setting will enable padding around the center image in the QR code. Use the Margin setting to increase the space between the QR body and the center image.

While making customizations, you can view the preview of your QR code at the top of the drawer. To save your custom QR template, click on the Create button.  

Editing an Existing QR Code Template

To edit an existing QR code template, start by logging in to BLINK. 


A user must be an accoutn admin or domain admin to create and edit QR code templates.

Click Admin> QR Templates.

Find the QR template in the list, and click on it.  A pop up window on the right side of the page will allow you to make direct edits and Save.  

If you wish to delete the QR code template, press the three dots in the tip right of the window. 

Deleting a Custom QR Template

To delete a QR code template, navigate to Admin > QR Templates

Click on the the template to open the Edit drawer. Then click on the three dots at the top of the drawer and select Delete QR Template

Downloading a Custom QR Code for a Link

To download a QR code with a template, click on Links in the left navigationFind the link in the Links table, and click on the row to open the Link Details drawer. 

Here, you'll see a preview of the QR code. Right below, click on the Select QR Code Template dropdown, and select your template. 

Then click the Download button.

Have more questions about QR Code Templates? Reach out to BLINK Support.

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