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Common Issues with Logging into BL.INK

This article covers common login issues that may be preventing you from logging in to your BL.INK account.

Depending on the error message you’re receiving when attempting to login, the problem may be with your email address, your password, a violation of our terms of service, or your email may not be confirmed. Continue reading for more information on troubleshooting your BL.INK login.

Unconfirmed Account

After you have created a new BL.INK account, we automatically send out an email verification to the email address used on the registration form. 

We are in the process of improving our account confirmation process to improve deliverability for account confirmation emails.  However, depending upon the settings of your spam filter, your confirmation email with the verification link may have ended up in your spam folder. 

If you do not see the email in your spam folder and did not receive your verification email, please reach out to us with the email address you used to establish your BL.INK account. We can resend the email confirmation so you can get busy creating and managing your links.

If your account has been active for a while, and you are receiving an error indicating you need to confirm your account, it may have been deactivated due to inactivity or an outdated email address. Please reach out to us at help@bl.ink, and we can assist you in getting the account reactivated. 

Invalid Email Address or Password

If are unable to access your BL.INK account due to an issue with your password, you can reset your password from the BL.INK homepage. Click Login in the upper right, and then click the Forgot your Password? link below the Log In button to reset your BL.INK password. You will arrive at a screen to enter the email address that you used to create your BL.INK account. If you do not receive the password reset email, please check your spam folder and then reach out to us if you did not receive it.

If you have trouble remembering or accessing the email address that your BL.INK account was established under, please let us know and provide us with the email address you used to establish your BL.INK account. You can reach out to us via email at help@bl.ink.

Social Media Log In

Once your BL.INK account has been established, you can connect BL.INK to your social media accounts and use these options to log in to the platform. Simply click on the LOG IN WITH button that corresponds with the social media account that you would like to use and you will be prompted to enter the appropriate credentials to complete this process. 

If you are trying to access the platform via one of the social media button options on the Login page and experience difficulty, make sure that the email address associated with your BL.INK account matched the email address on your social account. If you have other questions, please contact us via email at help@bl.ink for assistance. 

Blocked Account

If you received an error message indicating your account was blocked, your account or links may have violated our Terms of Service. Please check out this article if your account was blocked.


Still having trouble logging in? Send us an email to help@bl.ink.