Do my links still work?

Yes, all existing links will continue to work normally. As part of the transition to BL.INK, the domain is no longer available to make links with.

Where are my links?

To navigate to your existing links, first select the Smart Links domain from the dropdown menu at the top of the platform.

Then click the My Links option from the Links drop down menu on the left hand side of the platform. That is where your links live on BL.INK.

What can I use instead of

For a limited time, you can claim your FREE domain name to use in BL.INK. Simply click “Add New Domains” from the top left dropdown and search to see the free domains available.


If you don’t have a custom domain to use, you can use BL.INK's Smart Link feature. This feature dynamically selects domain combinations to use for your short link based on the content of the page that link is pointing to. This makes your short link pronounceable and relevant. If none of the generated domain combinations work for your link, the domain will always be available as a fallback.               

You can learn how to create a smart link here.