Are you using Spredfast for best-in-class smart social management? We have good news for you! You can integrate BL.INK into your Spredfast account seamlessly with just a few clicks and shorten your branded URLs natively from within the Spredfast platform.

Step 1: From the "Conversations" product, enter the Initiative Settings to edit your default options. 

2. Choose the Link Shortening menu item on the left. Choose the "Authenticate Your Own Account" option and you'll see BudURL (now BL.INK) as an option in the dropdown.  Now enter your credentials in the fields available including your selected custom short domain, the API key from your BL.INK account, and your Primary Base URL (where you log into BL.INK). Note: if you are new to BL.INK, Spredfast has not yet switched over to our new API authentication method.  Please reach out to support to request your v2 API key. 

3. You're ready to go! Try composing a message including a long URL, and use the "shorten on publish" option. When the message publishes, it will automatically create a short link with your branded domain that will be tracked by BL.INK. You can see your basic BL.INK stats within Spredfast, and if you'd like to dig deeper, log into your BL.INK account for more detailed analysis.

Questions? We're here to help!