Did you know that you can set up a home page for your custom domain? For example, if anyone tries to access go.budurl.co directly, then we want the user to be sent to our home page, which is budurl.co. If this isn't set, your users may get a 404 - Page Not Found Error if they try to find you from your custom domain root. 

To set up a home page, first you'll click on the Admin Settings menu on the bottom lefthand side of your dashboard. If you have multiple domains, ensure you are working in the correct domain. Next, click "Home Page". Now you'll enter your redirect URL. Again, this is the page your users will be redirected to if they were to try and access your domain with no added hash (ex: go.budurl.co). 

If you don't want to redirect users to a different URL, then you can opt to create HTML content for any users who visit your domain home page.