What are tags?

Tags allow you to easily group your links to make managing and analyzing your links easier. You can add as many custom tags to as you need, and we recommend applying tags to every single link. (You can add more than one tag to each link, too.)

Benefits to Using tags:

  • Organize links into easily searchable groups

  • View analytics by groups of links

  • Simplify campaign reporting¬†

  • Easily share results with other account users or clients

Best Practices for Using tags:

  • Social Media Type (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • Email Type

  • Campaign Type (Direct mail, television, posters, etc.)

  • Client Type - Agencies can use tags to track data by client

  • Language¬†

  • Location

  • Month / Year

How do I add tags to links?

When you create a link, you have the option to add a tag. Simply type in a new tag or select from existing tags. 

Filtering by tags

To filter by tags, select the desired tag from the dropdown menu at the top of the HOME, LINKS, and ANALYTICS pages.