When you log in to BL.INK, you have a few different options to quickly see which content is currently most popular with your audience.

To view stats: 

  1. On the left nav click ANALYTICS, then select Overview for analysis. Here users are able to see statistics for all links and filter by date, user, tags and more. 

  2. Click the Device, Referrers, and Location links at the top of the Click Analytics box for information about where the traffic came from and what device people used to view your link.

  3. To look at performance of specific links, select LINKS from the left nav, then on the individual link to see the link's click data by the hour, day, week, and month. 

Tip: Some customers prefer to export and import data to easily manage or alter large link volume. Just click LINKS on the left nav, then select Export or Import where you’ll find clear instructions for each.