Smart Links are short links that BL.INK automagically creates, containing real words that are meaningful to your audience. To create a Smart Link, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to BL.INK. The dropdown at the top should be set to Smart Links, if not, select Smart Links. 
  2. Click New Link
  3. Paste your long URL into the first text field
  4. In the second field, view Smart Link options. Choose the one you like best, then edit your keyword (the word after the “/”) to further customize the link.
  5. Enter a description and add tags for your new Smart Link. For example, you can label according to social media channel, email type, campaign type, client, language, location, and more. Hint: adding tags will make organizing, searching, filtering, sharing, analytics, and reporting much easier. 
  6. Click Save

    7. Now copy and share your newly created Smart Link!