Setting Up Your Home Page

BL.INK offers a Home Page setting, which tells the domain what to display if someone visits the domain with no added hash.

When using a custom domain with BL.INK, it is required to point your domain to BL.INK so that we can direct the traffic to your short links to the right place. Because of this, the primary domain set will, by default, direct the user visiting the domain to BL.INK. 

BL.INK offers a configuration to point your domain or subdomain to a destination of your choosing. 

If this isn't set, your users may be directed to the wrong page. For example, if anyone tries to access directly, we want the user to be sent to

Configuring your Home Page in BL.INK

To set up a home page, first, you'll need to log in to BL.INK. If you have multiple domains, make sure you have the correct domain selected in the menu toward the top of the platform (by default, it reads Smart Links).  

Then, click on the Admin button on the left side of your dashboard in BL.INK and navigate to Settings > Home Page

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.52.36 PM

Now you'll enter your redirect URL. This is the location that your users will be redirected to if they were to try and access your domain with no added hash (ex: 

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.52.53 PM

Click Update to save your changes. This should take effect almost immediately. If you’re not seeing the changes take effect, try clearing your cache or checking from your smartphone. 

For additional questions on setting up your Home Page with BL.INK, please contact support at