Importing Links

BL.INK offers easy, self-service options for importing large volumes of links.

Importing Links to BL.INK

BL.INK will allow you to import a batch of links from a comma-separated file (.CSV). This is useful if you are migrating your URLs from another URL shortening platform, if you’re wanting to create a large number of links at one time, or make large-scale edits to an existing collection of links. The file may be generated through a text editor, Excel, Google Sheets, or any software capable of creating a .CSV formatted file.

Prior to uploading the links, set up a comma-separated (.CSV) file (with no header row) in the format below.  You must follow the format specified exactly or you will receive an error during the import process. A sample file is available here.

Please also note that at this time, only batches of 10,000 links or less may be uploaded at a time. If you are needing to upload more than 10,000 links, please separate each batch of 10,000 into a separate .CSV file or consider using our API

Import format

Note: Only column A is required. Columns B-G are optional.

Column A: Long URL

Column B: Short Link Keyword. If left blank, a random keyword will be assigned.

Column C: Link Description

Column D: Auto-Delete Date. Required format: YYYY-MM-DD

Note: If delete and archive dates are both set, the archive date is honored.

Column E: Auto-Archive Date. Required format: YYYY-MM-DD

Note: If delete and archive dates are both set, the archive date is honored.

Column F: Link Owner Email. If the user has not yet been added to BL.INK, we will default to the import owner’s email instead.

Column G: Redirect Type - 301 or 307. If left blank, we’ll default to the importing user’s preference (set in the BL.INK account settings).

Once your file is ready, export your file as a .CSV file (.txt or .xls will NOT work). 

To import your links, start by logging in to your BL.INK account. Then select the domain you wish to upload the links to from the dropdown menu toward the top of the BL.INK dashboard (where it reads Smart Links).

Click Links, then select Import.

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 12.29.10 PM

From the Import Links page, click the button for Upload .csv file to browse and select the pre-formatted CSV file to upload from your computer. Then click Import Links.

Additional options available:

Validate only: This function will check your file to ensure it is set up to import properly, but will not actually perform the import.

Overwrite existing links: Check this box if you wish to use the import function to bulk update existing links or any of the column values. ONLY use this function if you are sure you want to overwrite your existing link details. If the box is not checked, the import will skip any existing links and only add new links. 

The import process can take a while to complete depending on the size of the file and the activity in the import queue. An email will be sent once the import has been completed.

Viewing Your Import History

To view your Import History, click Links > Import in the left navigation. From the Import Links page, click Import History in the upper right corner. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 12.31.59 PM

This will display all Import files that you have added to your BL.INK account, the date and time they were added, and their current status. If there was an error in the import process, it will also appear on this screen for you to easily troubleshoot. Once the error has been corrected, you may attempt a new import of the remaining links.

You may also download past upload files from this page. 

Have questions or need a hand? Contact support at