Importing, Exporting & Deleting Links With BL.INK

If you are moving from another short link service, you can bring your links with you. Concerned about getting locked into a platform? Export your links from BL.INK quickly and easily at any time.

Importing Batch of Links

BL.INK will allow you to import a batch of links through a CSV import process. This is useful if you are migrating your URLs from Bitly, yourls, or another URL shortening platform. In addition, if you're working on a special project where you need to generate a large number of links, the import process will work for this as well. The file may be generated through Excel or any other means capable of creating a .CSV formatted file.

BL.INK has two methods available for migrating short links from other platforms. While both methods are relatively simple, the most difficult step of the process can be obtaining an export of your link data from the platform you’ll be leaving. Some of them make it easier than others, and the process is different for each platform.

If an import file is available, we recommend adding it directly to your BL.INK account through our import processed outlined below.  This way is quickest and gives you the most control over the import process.

What Happens Next?

  1. If you were able to export your existing links from your previous platform, 100% of your link are immediately available post-migration in BL.INK. You never lose control of your short domain.
  2. As the client, you control the DNS transition so that the official change-over to BL.INK may be timed to align with your schedule. This ensures as little downtime as possible if any.
  3. BL.INK can monitor the client domain for any broken links following the transition so if there is a link that was omitted for any reason, it can be added immediately.
  4. The BL.INK API mirrors your existing core functionality so if there are any integrations, we can work with the client developers in advance to have the new API code updated to coincide with the transition.
  5. Lastly, while BL.INK is case insensitive by default, if your links require case sensitivity, that option is available.

To import links, you will need to select the domain you wish to upload the links to from the dropdown menu toward the top of the BL.INK platform (where it reads Smart Links).

Prior to uploading the links, set up an a comma separated (CSV) URL/link file (with no header) in the format below, and you must follow the format specified exactly.

CSV File Format:
1. Column A includes all of your long URLs that you wish to create.

2. Column B (OPTIONAL) includes the custom alias you wish to use. If it is blank, a random alias will be assigned.

3. Column C (OPTIONAL) this column will be used for the description.

4. Column D (OPTIONAL) this column contains the expiration date if you wish to auto-delete your link on a specific date. This will delete your link permanently. 

Note: The date needs to follow this format: YYYY-MM-DD.

Note: If both delete and archive dates are specified only the archive date is set not both.

5. Column E (OPTIONAL) this column contains the expiration date if you wish to auto-archive your link on a specific date. When a link is archived, the link will redirect to the URL in your Home Page setting

Note: The date needs to follow this format: YYYY-MM-DD.

Note: If both delete and archive dates are specified only the archive date is set not both.

5. Column F (OPTIONAL) this column contains the email address of the link owner

Note: the account must already exist in BL.INK or the importing owner will be used instead.

6. Column G (OPTIONAL) this column will set the redirect type of the link (301 or 307) otherwise defaults to the importing user redirect type preference

7. REMOVE HEADER ROW (row 1) before exporting your CSV file. Header rows will break the import.

8. Export your file as a .csv file (.txt or .xls will NOT work)

Once the .csv file is ready, navigate to the menu on the left and click Links, then select Import.

import links

From the Import Links screen, navigate under Links CSV file and click Choose File to browse/select the pre-formatted CSV links file to upload.

Additional import options available:
Validate only: This function will check your file to ensure it is set up to import properly, but will not actually perform the import.
Overwrite existing links: Check this box if you'd like to use the import function to bulk update existing links on any of the column values. ONLY use this function if you're sure you want to overwrite your existing link details. If the box is not checked, the import will skip any existing links and only add new ones. 

NOTE: While our import process will support importing a much larger number, if you plan to import greater than 10,000 links, please contact us first.

Deleting Links:

Do you need to delete some links? You can delete a single link individually or bulk-delete a group of links at once. Please note: Take care when using this feature - bulk deletion is not reversible!

To delete a single link: click Links and then My Links in the menu on the left side of the platform.

Locate the link you wish to delete in your list of links.

Click the edit (pencil) icon to the right of the link.

link edit pencil

In the Edit Link page, navigate toward the bottom right side of the page and click Delete Link.

delete single link

To bulk-delete a group of links:

Navigate to click Links and then My Links in the menu on the left side of the platform.

When your list of links displays, select the links you wish to delete by either clicking the square radial buttons to the left of the links or scrolling to the bottom of the list of links and clicking the square radial button to select ALL links.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 6.13.51 PM


select all links

Scroll down toward the bottom of the page to locate and click Bulk Actions then delete, to delete a group of links.

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