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Account Blocked

BL.INK reserves the right to block an account for violating our terms of service.

If your account has been blocked, please review the BL.INK Terms of Service. An account can be blocked for improper use of our services, inaccurate account information, unofficial email, mismatched account details, etc.

After reviewing this document, if you feel that your account has been blocked in error, please email us at help@bl.ink with the following information:

First Name: 

Last Name: 

Email Address: 

Organization Name: 

Intended use of BL.INK:

Our team will review the information and either unblock the BL.INK account or provide an explanation regarding the violation of those terms. 

The BL.INK Terms of Service document also contains a link to the BL.INK Privacy Policy. For any questions or concerns regarding either the BL.INK Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, contact us via email at privacy@bl.ink and we will be happy to address those as quickly as possible.