BL.INK API Best Practices Checklist

  • Use a unique account and API key for each integration. Each time you use the API for a new purpose (i.e. social publishing tool integration, a share tool on your website, etc.), create a dedicated BL.INK account for that API integration. Each account will be assigned a unique API key, which you can find on the Account Settings page. This will make reporting simple and straightforward in the long run, since you’ll easily see which integrations generated which links.
  • Sign up for API notifications. Sign up for API notifications on the API documentation page. This will enable us to send you important information on updates we make to our API. 
  • Use a different API key for each domain. If you have multiple domains in your BL.INK account (i.e.,, etc.), you will need to use a different API key for each domain. You can find these by going to Account Settings and toggling between your domains.
  • Use SSL for all requests. 
  • Never publish your API key or share it insecurely. Do not send API keys in emails, or share them publicly in any way. If you feel your API key has been potentially compromised, please let us know and we will generate a new one for you.

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